Slack… SO hot right now... Slack.

Real-time, collaboration, teamwork (makes the dream work)… it’s all SO HOT right now.

I'm big on creative collaboration and teamwork. Most of the projects I'm involved with are multi-faceted and have varying requirements. Often I bring on various partners in collaboration to help me accomplish project goals in the most effective manner for the client. At times, I’ll bring on a copywriter, a photographer, ar videographer, a PR specialist, or a developer. It’s imperative that team communication is open and active. Further, teams need the ability the quickly share files — images, videos, design files — to multiple team members.

In tech, using tools that increase communication and efficiency empowers everyone involved with the project to contribute their thoughts. Project management is a beast of its own — Slack helps.

My favorite collaboration tool is Slack. SO HOT RIGHT NOT!

The Slack app works like this:

Step 1 | Create a new team.

Create a new team on Slack

Step 2 | Enter your validation code (which will be emailed to you).

Slack email validation code

Step 3 | Create your profile name.

Create a profile name in Slack

Step 4 | Create your password.

Set a Slack password

Step 5 | Create your team name and web domain name.

Create a team name and web domain name on Slack
Create a Slack web domain name

Step 3 | Send invites to the folks you want on your team.

Send invites to Slack collaborators

…that’s it, you’re in!

From here, you can use Channels to communicate about specific topics related to a project with the whole team and use Direct Message to Slack chat directly, 1:1 with a teammate.

Slack Channels to communicate with whole team
Slack direct messages to communicate directly with team members

With Slack you can text message, upload files (from .PDFs and .PNGs to native .AI and .PSD files), add emojis, GIFs and more.

What’s also awesome and differentiates it from other services is that with Slack, you always pick up in the conversation where you left off. If you have to step away from your computer for a meeting or lunch, when you come back you’ll get to see all the messages you missed easily and quickly.

There is a Slack desktop app and a Slack mobile app (for Apple and Android), all of which sync up so your data and communication is up to date across all platforms.

I create Slack teams for every big project I have — sometimes I’ll have 6-8 active Slack teams going at any given time. It's that hot.

I highly recommend this tool for creative collaboration and teamwork.

Side note… What does Slack show us about other collaboration tools we’ll see in the future? Users want real-time features. With human attention spans dwindling, and the masses adopting new technology daily, communication must be super quick. Slack will likely start dissolving other collaboration tools like Dropbox and Google Drive as users learn more about its unique file-sharing and real-time chat features.

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