Define your niche

Many business owners struggle with defining their niche. We all want to serve “everyone” right? While that is a great sentiment, it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to marketing. It’s imperative that as a business owner, you define a very refined niche – that you know and understand your Ideal Customer Persona – in order to see your marketing dollars perform at the highest level.

Imagine you have a pint glass of water and a large bucket of water sitting next to one another. You drop one drop of food coloring in each. Which one is going to result in the strongest color? The most potency?
— Atalie Taziri, Mash Marketing

This is one of my favorite target market analogies. If you only have $40/week to spend on Facebook advertising, you must distill down your audience in order for that spend to even be worth it. Same applies to a larger budget – even if you have 100 drops of food coloring to drop into both the pint glass and the bucket, the pint glass will still remain more potent.

In order to ensure your messaging is received well by your target market, you must become intimate with your Ideal Customer Persona.

Alas, we offer you our Ideal Customer Persona exercise to help you define your niche. The theory here is to create one persona, one personality, one character who represents your absolute ideal customer. Of course, you will work with other types of people, but getting strategic and creating one dream persona that you can center your marketing plan around helps to effectively guide messaging and creative design. This person should be someone that has the budget to hire you, is easy and fun to work with, and has an obvious need for your service or product. In going through this exercise, you should start to feel like you could role play your Ideal Customer Persona in a play or movie. Imagine what it would feel like to be this person, what would they say, how would they act and react, and why they feel the way they do.

Fill out the form, take your time, and at the end hit submit. I’ll email you a custom PDF overview of your Ideal Customer Persona at no charge.

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