Spotify playlist for creative flow: 12 songs to get in the zone

Waking up, mentally preparing for a productive day, it can be nice to have a little musical inspiration. No distractions, just me, my dogs, and my Spotify playlist. First, I take a moment to feel my feet on the ground, feel my booty in my chair, feel the chair supporting me, my desk supporting my tools (my computer and pens), connect with Mother Earth, breath in - count to seven, breathe out - count to eleven. I'm grounded in my creative powers and ready to tackle my next creative project.

Here are 12 songs I love to get in the creative flow:

In case you don't have Spotify or don't want to play these songs right here in your browser, they are:

  1. El Ten Eleven, "My Only Swerving"

  2. Message To Bears, "Mountains"

  3. Jackie Greene, "Gone Wanderin'"

  4. Lemon Jelly, "Space Walk"

  5. J Dilla, "So Far To Go"

  6. Nick Mulvey, "Fever To The Form"

  7. Inspired Flight, "It's The Chemicals"

  8. Random Forest, "Hibernation"

  9. Avey Tare, "Lucky 1"

  10. The Album Leaf, "The Light"

  11. Nujabes, "Waiting For The Clouds (feat. Substantial)"

  12. Carmen Twillie and Lebo M., "Circle of Life - From The Lion King/Soundtrack"

Do you believe in energetic powers?