5 things to do with your new logo (without needing to hire a designer)

When you hire a professional graphic designer to create your dream logo, it’s probably because you are starting a business! Woot woot, go you! Now that you have your logo finalized, there are some quick things you can do on your own that will add professionalism to your business and help to establish brand recognition.

1 | Create your business Facebook page, then upload your logo as your profile photo.

Read Facebook’s article on how to set up a business page. When you upload your logo as your profile photo, you’re starting down the path of brand consistency. Try to fill out all the sections for your business Facebook page and link back to your website whenever possible.

2 | Create your Google My Business listing, then upload your logo to the photos section.

Header over to Google My Business to get started setting up your Google listing. You’ll need to verify your business before being able to optimize this listing. Oftentimes, this happens by way of requesting a postcard being mailed to your business from Google. They do this to ensure you are an actual person and business and not a bot. Be patient and go through this process with them, it will help your business’s online presence greatly. Once your business is verified on Google, fill out your profile as much as possible and upload your logo to the photos section.

3 | Create a custom email signature and add your new logo.

You can use a third party service like WiseStamp to help you create and export a custom email signature. Otherwise, you can set up your signature within your email client directly. If you’re using Gmail, you can create a custom email signature from the settings panel. Be sure to include your contact information, a link to your website, and (of course) your logo!

4 | Get some stickers printed of your new logo and share them with the world!

Can you think of any easier way to start sharing your logo with the world? Me neither. Check out some online options for getting some cool stickers printed up with your logo like StickerMule or Moo.

5 | Order some apparel embroidered with your new logo!

Rep your brand! Consider getting hats, polos, fleece vests, or jackets embroidered for yourself and your team depending on what makes sense for your industry. Reach out to Brenda Kerr at J&B Image Promotions for help.

It is surmised that it takes a person seeing your brand seven times before they actually remember it, which is why brand consistency is key! So of course, you’ll also need on-brand business cards, event banners, and a pro website. You might need to hire a creative professional for support in these areas. Do what you can on your own with your logo, then when you’re ready, hire a designer to help you kick your brand into high gear.

It’s time to take it up a notch.

Lexi Steele