Podsizzle! 12 podcasts for a creative, productive workweek

Podcasts: I’m obsessed. They make me feel like I’m sitting on a pillowy cushion of enlightenment as I crank through my work days. They make me feel like I have the perfect ratio of salsa to chip for every dip (and we all know chips and salsa are the perfect nutrition for creative work). Podcasts make me feel like I can’t be silent on issues I care about. They are an unquenchable dose of story, comedy, and current events (but not in the boring high school essay kind of way). They make me feel like I’m invincible in a really humble and well-educated way. Like I might as well just take up news anchoring as a side gig. Or start my own damn podcast (yeah, that might actually happen).

1 | Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People

Host Chris Gethard spends one hour with a random caller each episode — callers remain anonymous when they call in and share intimate experiences from their lives like making out with their high school teacher, overcoming drug addictions, travelling the world, being rich, being poor, being old, being young, and everything in between. There’s even a Facebook group for superfans of the show. One of my all-time faves and a great choice for any of my anthropologically-inspired friends. Listen now.

2 | The Daily

I must be a masochist because I still enjoy being apprised of current political events. The Daily is my preferred way to get news — host Michael Barbaro spends approximately 30 minutes deep diving into one prominent news story each day. It’s heavy on politics, very informative, and introduces its listeners to various Senators, activists, and powerful journalists who are on the frontlines of political events. Listen now.

3 | Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Couldn’t get enough of Jonathan on Queer Eye? Neither could I. He’s the most gorgeous person I’ve become a fan of in 2018, honey. On his weekly podcast, he interviews various experts in topics he’s curious about. Learn what makes a cult a cult, what it’s like to be a woman in the military, and hear stories of how celebs got to where they are now. He interviews most of the other guys from Queer Eye as well, which was a wonderful way to get to know the rest of the Fab 5. Jonathan, you make my heart pitter patter. Listen now.

4 | Guys We F****d

Not into blow jobs, buttholes, or opinionated female comedians? Don’t listen to Guys We F****d. A little bit of a crazy feminist like myself? This one's for you! Listen to Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson discuss love, sex, dating, and relationships with NO filters whatsoever. I had the pleasure of seeing these two perform live in Denver after having been a fan of the podcast and their comedy routines also do not disappoint. Highly suggest seeing them if they are touring in your area! Listen now.

5 | The Habitat

This is a 7-part show about six NASA volunteers who commit to living for one full year in a biodome that simulates what life would be like on Mars. There’s science, there’s struggle, there’s joy, there’s love… and there is drama! Turns out humans will be humans, whether they live on Earth or fake Mars or probably anywhere really. Listen now.

6 | Hello From The Magic Tavern

Get to know Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore on this improv meets fantasy role playing podcast. Arnie fell into a magical portal behind a Burger King here on Earth and stumbled into the magical land of Foon. Each week, Arnie and his two friends Chunt and Usidore, interview various people/characters from Foon (read: various improv comedians). Listen from the beginning because it’s all one cohesive story! If you love fantasy and imagination with an adult comedy spin, you’ll love this one. Listen now.

7 | Invasion of Privacy

Kate Wolff ❤ I just love her. She’s a comedian. She’s a healer. She’s a mom. She’s a superwoman. Her podcast is charged with Spirit, but is totally approachable no matter what level of spirituality you’re comfortable with. Listen and learn — life doesn’t have to be this OR that. Black OR white. It can a little bit of everything, and there’s a lot of joy just living there in the middle. Listen now.

8 | My Brother, My Brother, And Me

There are three McElroy brothers and they are all hilarious. Their chemistry is adorable. Their humor is insatiable. And their advice is unparalleled. On their weekly podcast, the brothers give their unfiltered advice and answers to fan questions like “should I take on my dad’s bigfoot addiction?” And “my stupid brother may have given my dog a Twizzler, how can I tell for sure?” The questions and answers are riduculous(ly hilarious). Listen now.

9 | StarTalk Radio

Astronomy, physics, and all things universe are discussed on this cosmically awesome podcast, hosted largely by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Bill Nye the Science Guy makes appearances and all the geekery is perfectly balanced with guest comedians. If you’re looking to have your mind lightly blown while getting through your workday, this is your podcast! Listen now.

10 | Spontaneanation

Paul. F. Freakin’. Tompkins. Each week, The Podcast King of Kings, Paul F Tompkins interviews a special guest for the first half of the episode, then engages in an unscripted improvised narrative sketch with a few additional guests. Also enjoy the pianic delights from Eban Schletter, as he accompanies the improv with engaging music! Listen now.

11 | Throwing Shade

Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi go together like beets and goat cheese. Their friendship and chemistry is palpable and their humor is all at once endearing and upheaving. Discussing all things LGBTQ and women’s issues, Erin and Bryan share current events with comedic hearts (making them somewhat more digestible), while not forgetting to call their listeners to action to help improve the lives of many. Listen now.

12 | Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel gives us a glimpse into her business by recording and sharing actual couples counseling sessions! They are unscripted, raw, and captivating. Each episode unveils something a couple might struggle through. Some couples are working through open relationship terms, some are working through parenting disagreements, and some have just drifted apart. Esther is a renowned therapist and listening to her counsel is truly fascinating. Listen now.

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